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Special field bus diagnostic
Special field bus diagnostic

Detailed Profibus diagnostics


Profibus networks are the backbone of your facility and an unexpected breakdown will cause high costs.

Have you therefore ensured an accurate installation that meets specifications with corresponding acceptance and documentation?

As the analog signalvoltages in the PROFIBUS-clients are digitalised, a slow deterioration in the signal quality will initially not be noticed.

If a critical barrier is passed first bit errors will occur which, however, will be covered up by the security program of the protocol (repeat telegrams).

A further minimal deterioration can then lead to the breakdown of the whole facility.

We conduct a detailled Profibus measurement of DP and DA networks for you.

We support you in the error analysis and eliminate the errors in the Profibus Networks.

Of course we can provide you with our high quality equipment.

The Profibus measurement set includes the following tools:

1. Physical Profibus measurement tools

  • For the electrical signal quality of Profibus hardware and networks

  • Useful for installation, commissioning and maintenance

  • Can locate faults in the Profibus wiring, as well as damaged RS-485 drivers and other electrical faults

  • Nonreactive measurement in operating mode

  • Master simulator for commissioning

  • Determination of bus typology

  • Storage oscilloscope included

  • Client specific test and acceptance record

  • Getting started documentation for a quick introduction

2. Protocol analysis

  • Protocol analysis for Profibus DP and PA networks and hardware

  • Recording and clear illustration of the Profibus network structure with all active devices

  • Extensive online analysis of all relevant parameters of the network, the Profibus masters and all connected slaves

  • Effective recording and visualisation filters

  • Extensive trigger possibilities

  • Telegram decoding for FDL, DP, DP-V1 and DP-V2

  • Telegram recording, also long-time recordings

  • Automatic creation of a test protocol

  • Intuitive user interface in German and English

  • USB interface PROFIprobe with special diagnostic logic for precise results

  • Simultaneous and parallel analysis of DP and PA

  • Getting started documentation for a quick introduction

3. Digital field bus leakage current clamp meter for the detection of unwanted shield currents which may result from grounding, potential equalization or EMC problems.

  • Differential current measurement

  • Leakage current measurement

  • Voltage and resistance measurement

  • Frequency range for AC current / voltage 40 Hz...1 kHz

  • Acoustical continuity test

  • MIN/MAX and relative value measurement

  • Manual selection of the measurement range

  • Integrated data hold

  • Additional analogue bargraph display

  • Clamp opening 30 mm

4. All connection cables for detailled measurements

5. Fully set-up notebook with all required software already installed


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