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Identification systems
Identification systems

Identification systems

Identification systems
Identification systems

Siemens MOBY I

MOBY I is an RF identification system for optimization of material flow and production processes in the upper performance sector. This high-performance, high-capacity, long-distance system permits high data transmission speeds between data memories (MDS) and read/write devices (SLG).

Principal application areas

MOBY I is primarily used when object identification must be inductive (i.e., without contact), reliable and fast and production and manufacturing parameters must be carried on the object:

  • Processing manufacturing

    (e.g., data memory affixed to the product carrier)

  • Assembly

    (e.g., data memory affixed to the work piece carrier)

  • Conveyors

    (e.g., data memory on suspended rails)

  • Transportation


Turck RFID system BL ident®

Identification systems

In order to comply with the demands presented by different fields of application, TURCK offers the BL ident® system with a whole range of combination possibilities of data carriers and read-write heads as well as interface modules for integration into automation systems (e.g. PROFINET IO). Software modules enable simple integration and commissioning.

Some data carriers as well as the suitable write-read heads feature a high mechanical degree of protection (e.g. IP67) and can thus be subject to the most harsh industrial conditions. The read-write heads are also available in IP69K (wash-down version).

The integration into a fieldbus system is implemented with suitable TURCK interface modules.

The interface modules are available in degrees of protection IP67. TURCK connection cables

featuring an adequate degree of protection round off the identification system. Temperature resistant data carries up to 210°C are available for the high temperature range.

It is possible to integrate BL ident® systems in (existing) bus systems, networking of several BL ident® systems is possible.


Balluff industrial RFID systems

Identification systems

Balluff industrial RFID systems offer flexible, contact-free data communication. They are fast, robust, and suitable for all industrial environments. Despite their high performance values, they remain cost-effective.

Areas of application

The Balluff Industrial RFID family has five different systems with a diverse range of components for use in a wide range of applications. After all, different designs make sense in order to realise diverse applications such as product protection, tool management, access control, and goods tracking.

For great diversity

  • BIS C is used in a wide range of applications.

    It is particularly powerful and flexible for the reliable identification of tools in machining centres that use large amounts of coolant and lubricants and when sterilising items at high temperatures in autoclaves.

  • BIS L is used in logistics and on assembly lines.
  • BIS M ensures super-fast data transmission and large read/write distances.

    It has proven its worth in intralogistics, access control, and product protection.

  • BIS S is used for large data volumes for controlling assembly and production.
  • BIS U quickly detects large data volumes in highly dynamic applications.

    It offers top reliability over long distances.


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