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CE marking / consulting
CE marking / consulting

CE marking / consulting

CE marking

  • CE assessment procedure for plant, equipment and machinery
  • CE risk assessment and CE presumption of conformity according to harmonized standards
  • Design of protective devices and calculation of minimum distances
  • Design and validation of force/pressure limits for HRC applications
  • Measurement of stopping time and distance
  • Noise measurement/noise reports
  • CE safety of control systems
  • Performance level according to ISO 13849-1/-2 using SISTEMA
  • CE-compliant operating instructions & documentation

CE consulting

  • CE course / CE training / CE workshop on the subject of CE marking
  • CE seminar "Practical cross-section of CE conformity assessment procedures" (2 VDSI continuing education credits)
  • Periodic inspection of ESPE in accordance with BetrSichV, e.g. for light curtains, laser scanners, two-hand controls...
  • Advice for the purchase of machines with regard to CE conformity (specification check, document check)
  • Plant and machine evaluation after conversion for significant changes
  • Retrofit plant and machine assessment for significant change
  • Support with the import of machines

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