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We realize customized automation solutionsSpecial mechanical engineering in metal and plastics industryComplex universal welding technology with 7 / 8 / 9 axesVision systems and software designed specifically for manufacturingProcessing of components, CNC milling, assembly and supportWe develop systems with you, "future proof" & independent
We realize customized automation solutions
Special mechanical engineering in metal and plastics industry
Complex universal welding technology with 7 / 8 / 9 axes
Vision systems and software designed specifically for manufacturing
Processing of components, CNC milling, assembly and support
We develop systems with you, "future proof" & independent

Test benches and measurement technology


MeasuringMeasuring dataMeasuring systems


Data analysis

Analysis of measurement data and
curves / Evaluation of measuring data


Data logging

Software and hardware for
recording measuring data of
numerous physical variables


Data visualization

Software development of
graphical or tabular representation of
measuring data and test procedure
e.g. for the managment



Development of user-friendly Software
and embeding of numerous protocols
like CAN, RS232, GPIB, PCI, PXI, Ethernet
and others. Optionally as executable file
(No LabVIEW needed)


Management of Data

Correct storage and efficient managment of large amounts of
measuring data in databases
or proprietory storage deployments



Generating executable applications
from LabVIEW™-projects of customer


Signal conditioning

Selection and development of hardware to adapt sensors and actuators to measuring hardware and ports of your PC


Consulting and selection of
measuring hardware

Support and advice for selecting of
sensors, signal conditioning hardware
and measuring cards

So we provide a safe investment!



TestingTest stand

Test stands for systems

Conception and development of
complete test stands for systems and
single testing software


Software development

Development of software
for sequence control of testing
in LabVIEW™ and NI TestStand™:

Easy, effective and secure!


Test bench automation

Development of software for
automation of test benches:

Cost-effective and compatible
to the existing hardware!


Signal conditioning

Selection and Development of
hardware for adjusting
sensors and actuators
to measurement hardware and
ports of your computer

Application building

Generation of
executable applications from the
LabVIEW™ projects of the customer


Test administration

Concept preparation and software development
for administration of test specifications,
definitions and results:

With maximum efficiency!


Test sequence control,

Development of oftware for
sequence control of tests
in LabVIEW™ and NI TestStand™


Test reporting

Development of Software
for automatic creation
of test reports:

So your test reporting
achieves positive effects!





Preparation of
tender and performance specification:
Accurately defined so
client and the contractor
can realize them perfectly.

We moderate, analyse and record for you!


Test plans

Preperation of test definitions
according to product specifications


Test strategy

Strategical planning
of the whole testing process in
complex and extensive testing tasks:
So no ressources are wasted!


Implementation of tests

Implementation of tests
for the customer in-house



We document and communicate quickly to the point at all times!


Software development with LabVIEW

Software development

We are glad to create for and in close cooperation with you tailormade software e.g. for devolopment, production and quality assurance of your products

Because of the modular construction and the excellent support of hardware for measurement and automation technology LabVIEW is also particularly well suited for realisation of feasibility studies, prototype design or put in quite general terms:

For further development of your ideas!

Many of our realised project are in everday use and will be continously advanced.

In so doing, we have spared no challenge and reached a successful conclusion for all products until now. We work hard on it everyday to keep for you our state of knowledge on the highest level. With us you will have a partner for LabVIEW you can 100% rely on.

We would be glad to offer you advice on NI/LabVIEW and offer you our support for system design, selection of components and concept of LabVIEW specific software architecture.


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