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Complex welding technology with 7 / 8 / 9 axes - Welding cell with exchangeable plate conceptUltrasonic welding of plastic materials - Friction welding modules
Complex welding technology with 7 / 8 / 9 axes - Welding cell with exchangeable plate concept
Ultrasonic welding of plastic materials - Friction welding modules

With BHV_Intelligent-Welding-Technology easy robot universal welding

Our outstanding BHV_I-Welding technology enables you to achieve the best welding applications in just a few minutes according to industry-compliant standards. We rely on the solid technology of the world market leaders KUKA, ABB and FANUC. In combination with KUKA.ArcTech and KUKA.ready2_pilot, this makes welding a "piece of cake".

Especially with the products of the KUKA.ArcTech family, the KUKA robot becomes a welding robot. Thanks to the practical option packages, you operate and program your welding application intuitively and with quality assurance. By mirroring the integrated EasyTeach status keys to the KUKA.ready2_pilot keys on the 6D mouse, welding technology commands can be programmed without taking your eyes off the weld seam.

The KUKA.ready2_pilot wireless control package enables hand-guiding of industrial robots in a particularly user-friendly way - simply, conveniently and quickly. As the first control package of its kind in the world, KUKA.ready2_pilot makes controlling robots child's play. The package is quickly mounted on the robot and is directly ready for use without any complex programming. Simply guiding the robot manually is enough to let it learn the desired sequences.

All parameters of the welding application are transferred to the robot via a BHV input mask specially developed by us, thus guaranteeing the highest standard in the shortest possible time, even with H-turners in the 7th / 8th / 9th axis.

Optionally, an automatic Tool Center Point tracking is available to reduce teach expenditures after revisions.

Welding means joining metal together inseparably. This is where our Cobot welding solutions come into play. They combine the advantages of automated and manual welding skills. From small, flexible manual workstations to large systems with meter-long linear axes and rotary/turning axes, our Cobot solutions can map everything you need in your production.

But the advanced BHV_I-Welding technology can do even more: the robot is equipped with high-precision 3D sensors, which can also be used to check for correct dimensional accuracy after the welding process. All-in-one... and much more!

Complex weld fixtures with additional technology functions - for us, this is both an obligation and a challenge. We will be happy to help you select the right products for your specific application and are available to answer any questions you may have.

BHV // Intelligent-Welding Technologie

Mit BHV_Intelligent-Welding-Technologie spielend leicht Roboter-Universalschweißen


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