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Interlinking of machining cells in the die casting area
Interlinking of machining cells in the die casting area

Interlinking of machining cells in the die casting area

BHV automation links a wide variety of machining cells (machining centers) with the highest precision and quality. This interlinking takes place via robot systems on a 7th axis or transfer systems.

Simulations are created to perform accessibility and cycle analyses. These bring a measurable added value for our customers. Automation and interlinking of further production steps as well as tests are designed to ensure maximum flexibility at all times.

The components are further refined on customer-specific assembly lines. Sophisticated processes not only save money on purchased parts and assembly steps, but also reduce the impact on our environment.

Services of BHV-Automation - Completely in-house and everything from one source!

  • Process development/optimization

  • Construction

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Commissioning


  • Interlinking of CNC straightening machines, CNC milling centers, grinding machines (complex interlinking)

  • Tool holders

  • 3D robot-guided removal from goods carrier

  • NC rotary goods carrier

  • Robot on 7th axis

  • Transfer system units

  • End of Line Test

  • Data client technology for gapless reporting incl. intelligent error message management I4.0

  • Complete CE

  • Dimensions approx 25*15m

Robot assembly cells

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