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Headlight image measurement
Headlight image measurement

Headlight image measurement

The correct headlight adjustment is an important safety criterion and is often underestimated. Headlamp inspection and adjustment systems place special demands on the measuring optics and the speed of the adjustments algorithms. We design, manufacture and deliver capable electrical-optical testing systems for the photometric adjustment and electrical testing of headlamps. Our testing stations contain corresponding changeable fixtures including calibration and test standards for the testing and adjustment of right and left headlamps as well as various headlamp groups.

We adapt the test systems individually to your needs and requirements. Our testing stations allow the automatic setting of different lighting functions via appropriate adjustment devices in consideration to the specific requirements. During the test, the coding is checked by means of coding resistors and the temperature is monitored by NTC. The test results are stored together with the serial numbers and process images in a database and can be transferred to the respective MES.

Headlight components
Image measurement
Image measurement
Image measurement
Light assembly with several light modulesRobot guided adjustmentXY rotary table with interchangeable fixture
Light assembly with several light modules
Robot guided adjustment
XY rotary table with interchangeable fixture

BHV // Scheinwerfer Lichtbildvermessung

BHV-Automation stellt die Scheinwerfer Lichtbildvermessung vor


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