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Final Inspection: Automotive Molding ComponentsVisual Control: Pharmaceutical Molding ComponentsVisual Control of Online ProductionFinal Inspection: Automotive Pump SystemsFinal Inspection: Visual ControlAutomatical visual control "End of Line"End of Line Test Machine for Safety Relevant Components in the Automotive IndustryExamination of aluminium pressure pouring partsAOI plant for food industryFully automatic EOL station for ambient lightingHeadlight image measurement
Final Inspection: Automotive Molding Components
Visual Control: Pharmaceutical Molding Components
Visual Control of Online Production
Final Inspection: Automotive Pump Systems
Final Inspection: Visual Control
Automatical visual control "End of Line"
End of Line Test Machine for Safety Relevant Components in the Automotive Industry
Examination of aluminium pressure pouring parts
AOI plant for food industry
Fully automatic EOL station for ambient lighting
Headlight image measurement

Quality and inspection systems

Fully automated quality assurance is more and more sought after in Europe.

Final inspection modules replace the 100% manual control.

Our experience in this field comprises almost all industry sectors.

Here are a few references:

BHV // End of Line Test System

Lernen Sie das "Intelligent End of Line Test System" der BHV-Automation näher kennen


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