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BHV I-sword feederBHV I-sword feeder - Product varietyBHV I-sword feeder - Accessories
BHV I-sword feeder
BHV I-sword feeder - Product variety
BHV I-sword feeder - Accessories

BHV I-sword feeder

Advantages compared to a vibrating bowl / vibratory bowl:

  • Low space requirement, simple space-saving integration
  • Sorting with low disturbance, gentle on parts and low noise
  • Flexible and customizable


  • To be integrated as an intelligent slave in a higher-level control
  • QS monitoring by image processing technologyNIO Sorting
  • NIO Sorting

Product variety:

  • Sockets
  • Sleeves
  • Shaft Screws
  • Lenses


  • Step feeder / steep conveyor
  • Belt bunker
Sword separationSword separationSword separationBHV I-sword feederProduct varietyAccessories - Belt hopper / Vibrating hopper
Sword separation
Sword separation
Sword separation
BHV I-sword feeder
Product variety
Accessories - Belt hopper / Vibrating hopper

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