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Laser marking
Laser marking

Laser marking

Area of application:

Fastest, most flexible labeling option
without any force being applied to the component

Our solution:

“Contact-free“ labelling of workpieces

Your benefits:

  • Small amount of time needed

  • High flexibility with the display of characters

  • Special characters, barcode, data matrix

  • No force being applied to the workpiece

Our products:

  • Systems with manual handling

  • Special facilities with automatically feeding of workpieces

  • Integrated systems (also with handling) to meet individual customer requirements

Functional description:

Through the effect of the concentrated light beam, guided by means of deflecting reflectors, work pieces are marked by the removal of material, by colour printing or by foam conversion (plastics). Depending on the material and the penetration depth, up to 100 characters/sec are possible.

Can be used on:

aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, glass, cast iron and
other materials


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