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IOPC - Intelligent Trace and Map
IOPC - Intelligent Trace and Map

IOPC - Intelligent Trace and Map

Line computers

Our many years of experience in Automation Technology make it possible, to offer you turnkey Traceability-solutions.

By efficent interlinking of product, operation and machine data the transparency of the manufacturing processes should be increased.

By informations about utilisation, run or maintenance times gained on this way, Quality Trends can be identified and existing potentials in order of an efficent production control may be fully exploited.

Seamless product tracking as an extended assurance measure not only complies with the legal demands of product liability.

Product Tracking has become to a significant customer receivable, so costs of warranties and/or recall work can be consistently reduced.

Individual software and hardware solutions for industrial application for higher level systems:

  • Order administration

  • Batch concepts

  • Process data administration

  • Process data documentation

  • Traceability

  • Statistics and analysis systems

  • Repair and „rework place“ applications

  • Modern interface technology

  • IOPC

  • TCP/IP

  • NET Framework

  • Measurement data collection and analysis systems

  • LabView applications

  • C++, C#

  • Database technology MySQL, Oracel, Access 


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