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Edge Learning in logistics
Edge Learning in logistics

Edge Learning in logistics

Cognex Logistics Partner Integrator

Edge Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) where processing takes place on the device or "at the edge" of where the data originates, using a set of pre-trained algorithms. The technology is easy to set up and requires less time and fewer images to train compared to other AI-based solutions, such as Deep Learning.

Edge Learning is the solution for both engineers looking for an easy way to integrate automation into their production lines and experienced automation engineers who regularly use rule-based machine vision tools. This makes the technology a viable solution for everyone – from novice machine vision users to experts – to tackle a range of applications on the factory floor and in various industries.

In the following, we would like to present a specific project in the field of logistics where we are using Edge Learning technology:

Edge Learning in logistics
Edge Learning in logistics

At the system shown, cardboard and plastic boxes are separated from each other. The camera looks at the objects to be sorted and with the help of Edge Learning (AI tool) they are sorted. The Edge Learning tool needs only a few images for the training (approx. 5-10 depending on the variety of products)

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

  • Hundreds to thousands of images required for training
  • Hours to days required for processing
  • Significant understanding of deep learning systems and required programming

Edge Learning


  • Five to ten images required for training

  • Seconds to minutes required for learning

  • Does not require experience

BHV // Edge Learning in der Logistik

An der dargestellten Anlage werden Pappe und Plastikkisten voneinander getrennt. Die Kamera schaut auf die zu sortierenden Objekte und mit Hilfe von Edge Learning (KI-Tool) werden diese sortiert. Das Edge Learning Tool benötigt nur wenige Bilder für das Training (ca. 5-10 je nach Vielfalt der Produkte)


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