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Smart camerasUnsurpassed when it comes to testing parts where stronger software tools are required
Smart cameras
Unsurpassed when it comes to testing parts where stronger software tools are required

Smart cameras

2D Smart Cameras are unmatched when it comes to inspecting, identifying and guiding parts where stronger software tools are required.

The self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems feature a library of advanced image processing tools and extremely fast image acquisition and processing. A wide range of products, including B/W, line scan and color systems, covers almost all price and performance requirements. These are usually somewhat larger in size, but much more powerful (currently up to the range with artificial intelligence) than Vision sensors.

Features of powerful smart cameras

Smart cameras are full-featured vision systems that perform accurate inspections even at high production line speeds. Their compact size makes them easy to fit on lines with limited space, and their modular design allows them to be easily adapted on-site to meet your application requirements. In addition, most still feature internal and external power and control options for lighting, for example.

The Smart Camera series are available in black and white and color models with resolutions ranging from VGA to 12 MP. Various tool configurations are available from basic tool sets to fully featured models.

In addition, many suppliers also offer ultra-compact variants to serve applications with tight installation spaces.

Smart cameras

As the world's smallest stand-alone vision system, the In-Sight 8000 Series offers a range of monochrome and color models in resolutions from 0.3MP to 5MP. These vision systems support Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed connections, providing very fast acquisition and two levels of performance. Thus, they are able to meet a variety of machine vision requirements.

Smallest vision systemsA pattern matching breakthroughEasy to deploy and maintain
Smallest vision systems
A pattern matching breakthrough
Easy to deploy and maintain

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