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Solutions with system - IVision.BHV IVision is a high level image processing system
Solutions with system - IVision.
BHV IVision is a high level image processing system



BHV IVision. versus
intelligent systems


With more than two camera applications BHV IVision. system

is not only higher performing but also lower priced - based on an overall lower total price.

BHV IVision.

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Solutions with system - IVision.

BHV IVision. is a high level image processing system.

It has been created for highly sophisticated image processing tasks and due to its high flexibility BHV IVision. is the ideal image processing system for special and serial solutions in machines and test control Units.

The platform BHV IVision. is a customized individual image processing software with the highest technological standard.

It is a complete solution set, consisting of the hardware and software that is specified by us. The complete set is fully customized to your requirements and tasks.

BHV IVision. system is capable of administrating multiple Gigabit of camera units. The observance of cable tracks and lenghts as well as interference-sensitive framegrabbers is now history

What does the BHV IVision. system consist of?

The whole platform is individually customizable. It contains the image processing software "VisionPro" by the market-leader worldwide for vision software COGNEX. This is embedded in the BHV IVision. system.

The communication interface and at the same time database administration is the
BHV IOPC server. All data that is provided by the image processing, the higher-level SPS/PLC or a PC can be visualized and stored in a MySQL database.

The visualization and handling is designed on a client-specific, individual basis.

BHV IOPC server can communicate with Profibus, CANbus, Ethernet and various other interfaces. If no data has to be administrated a PC-EA card is also possible.

BHV IOPC server offers an excellent scripting function that allows changes to process sequences during runtime. The script is recompiled during runtime.

The scripting function allows the organisation of a wide selection of additional tasks, such as:

  • Administration and addition of new process values

  • Type administration

  • Database access

  • Provision of data to higher-level systems

  • Process sequencing

The BHV IVision. System provides the following functions:

  • The administration of several camera units with one system

  • Individual measuring tasks (2D, 3D, line scan camera, 360° OmniView)

  • Administration of several measurement stations with one system

  • Optimization of the measurement tasks during runtime

  • Administration of process database

  • Statistics (recogniction of abrasive wear etc.)

  • User administration

  • Interface connection via the BHV IOPC- server (Profibus, CANBus, Ethernet etc.)

  • Application based, client-oriented surfaces

  • Application based illumination specification

  • Detailed diagnostic functions and fault management

  • Current SPS process- and control data reading, writing and monitoring

  • Clear status of process through status signal and fault indicator display (every indication/disfunction is endued with a defined indicator number)

  • C# scripting function allows changes during runtime

  • Access/Possibility to inspect measurement application during runtime

  • Calibration function

Talk to us about your specific application and
we will develop a customized solution for you.


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