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Get high accuracy surface feature measurements for precise 3D inspectionsSolves 3D applications with unmatched performance, accuracy, and ruggednessVision sensorsSmart camerasSolutions with system - IVision.The identification of damage and embossing on surfaces has never been more reliableRead any 1D or 2D code, every time
Get high accuracy surface feature measurements for precise 3D inspections
Solves 3D applications with unmatched performance, accuracy, and ruggedness
Vision sensors
Smart cameras
Solutions with system - IVision.
The identification of damage and embossing on surfaces has never been more reliable
Read any 1D or 2D code, every time

Image processing

Intelligent Vision

We plan, specify and implement your automation project for you future-oriented and based on you individual applications.

Underlying attributes and requirements are specified in feasibility studies and are thoroughly inspected and tested. Let us make the right choice for you! Our wide know-how and our partnerships with systems integrators enable us to deliver you the technically perfect solution.

Camera technology:

  • Intelligent high performance camera systems (2D/3D/AI)

  • Complex industrial PC based camera systems

  • Surface, line and matrix camera systems

Industrial image processing and barcode reading solutions for logistics:

  • Modular image processing tunnels

  • Hands-free barcode reading

  • Tote Fill Inspection

  • Pallet scanning systems

  • Volume detection

  • Code and plain text reading

AI-based systems:

  • Vision sensors that automatically determine all image and detection settings with their artificial intelligence specifically designed for presence/difference checks

  • AI-based solutions, such as Deep Learning or Edge Learning

Optical characteristics/Illumination:

  • Individual illumination units from various producers

  • Special solutions in lens technology

  • Wide range of products from various producers (entocentric and telecentric lenses)

Individual high performance software solutions:

We offer a wide range of image processing libraries and corresponding project planning software as well as individually customized operating interfaces.

You would like assistance in the conception of an application? Just ask us!

Application examples



  • length, angles and areas

  • shapes, distances and inclinations

  • structural width and structural orientation

  • proportions, parallelisms and qualities

  • also from an angled perspective, from a far distance and in microscopic scale

  • also in invisible wavelengths (infrared, ultraviolet) and in case of weak signals (luminescence, radiation)

  • light and colour value: hue, chrominance, brightness, luminance, chroma, spectral properties, polarization and lustrous ness

  • three dimensional structures: height, evenness, depth, roundness, roughness, volume

  • colour concentration and optical density measurement



  • size classes

  • form classes

  • quality classes

  • colour classes

  • structure and surface classes

  • brightness classes

  • function classes



  • presence

  • completeness

  • dimensional accuracy (lengths, angles, inclinations, structures, areas, positions, proportions, etc.)

  • structure and composition

  • colour

  • display functions and pointer position

  • area illumination level and light density



  • quantity

  • filling level and filling degree

  • areas and shapes

  • contents

  • separated by classes (form, colour, structure, conditions, size, etc.)



  • good parts

  • bad parts

  • robot party

  • markings

  • labels, texts and codes

  • layers and positions

Recognition and Monitoring


  • labels, texts, barcodes and matrix codes

  • stamps, markings and prints

  • tears, scratches, breaks and slits, thinning, thicking and constriction

  • traffic monitoring and PV licence plate reading (access control)

  • access control: biometric characteristics



  • plain text

  • barcodes

  • matrixcodes

  • printed, punched, embossed, painted, etched, glued, etc.

  • coloured, monochrome and colourless


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