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The latest news of BHV-Automation
The latest news of BHV-Automation

Meeting of the BVMW with BHV-Automation

On 18.08.2023, the "#KickOff #MeetingPoint | #Production" on the topic of "#Competitiveness in #SMEs - #Implementing an #Leadership Culture through #Continuous #Improvement Processes in the Company" took place on the premises of BHV-Automation GmbH in Arnsberg-Niedereimer.

After a short welcome by Ronja Wenzel and Markus Krüger from the #BVMW-Team Südwestfalen and Tobias Hammer, Managing Director of BHV-Automation GmbH, the event started with a round of introductions of all attendees. Markus Krüger then introduced the topic of agile leadership culture and, building on this, moderated an interactive workshop to adapt the knowledge into corporate practice. The afternoon was rounded off with an impulsive tour of the production site of BHV-Automation GmbH.

A big thank you went to Tobias Hammer and his entire team for their hospitality and active participation in the event.

We are looking forward to our follow-up event on a Thursday afternoon in February 2024 on the topic of "#Key figure design".


BHV-Automation sponsors new jerseys

The company BHV-Automation Arnsberg sponsors and supports the U 17 junior girls of SuS SCHEIDINGEN 1928 e.V. with a new Adidas jersey set.

Their thanks go here especially to Mr. Dirk Völcker of BHV, who immediately agreed when he heard that the girls had outgrown the "old set".

The female department is happy about their new sponsor BHV, who together with Stadtwerke Werl makes sure that the girls not only play great soccer but also look very good doing it!


BHV // Interlinking straightening press

BHV // Verkettung Richtpresse

Lernen Sie die Verkettung einer 500 Tonnen-Richtpresse näher kennen

Interlinking of machining cells in the die casting area

BHV automation links a wide variety of machining cells (machining centers) with the highest precision and quality. This interlinking takes place via robot systems on a 7th axis or transfer systems.

Simulations are created to perform accessibility and cycle analyses. These bring a measurable added value for our customers. Automation and interlinking of further production steps as well as tests are designed to ensure maximum flexibility at all times.

The components are further refined on customer-specific assembly lines. Sophisticated processes not only save money on purchased parts and assembly steps, but also reduce the impact on our environment.

BHV // Verkettung Bearbeitungszellen

Lernen Sie die Verkettung von Bearbeitungszellen im Druckgussbereich näher kennen

BHV // Edge Learning in logistics

BHV // Edge Learning in der Logistik

An der dargestellten Anlage werden Pappe und Plastikkisten voneinander getrennt. Die Kamera schaut auf die zu sortierenden Objekte und mit Hilfe von Edge Learning (KI-Tool) werden diese sortiert. Das Edge Learning Tool benötigt nur wenige Bilder für das Training (ca. 5-10 je nach Vielfalt der Produkte)

BHV presents KUKA

BHV presents KUKA

Die BHV-Automation ist erneut frisch ausgezeichnet als offizieller KUKA Systempartner und setzt bei ihren Technologien und im Sondermaschinenbau schon seit Jahren auf die Hard- und Software des Weltmarktführers

BHV-Automation on Social Media

Get to know our social media channels and visit us on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram and recently also on TikTok. We are happy if you follow us!

BHV-Automation on Social Media

BHV // Training as mechatronics technician assembly (m/f/d)

Wir suchen Dich für eine technische Ausbildung als Mechatroniker Montage in Arnsberg

Erfahre hier mehr!



BHV // Training as electronics technician for automation technology (m/f/d)

Wir suchen Dich für eine technische Ausbildung als Elektroniker für Automatisierungstechnik in Arnsberg

Erfahre hier mehr!



BHV relies on the latest technology from a wide range of providers with artificial intelligence for its applications

BHV-Automation relies on the latest technology from a wide range of suppliers with artificial intelligence with increasingly easy-to-teach algorithms for various applications.

These are used in many areas that were otherwise difficult or impossible to solve with normal camera technology due to contrast or too different error patterns.

Our solutions are unmatched in ease of use and suitable for all skill levels, regardless of previous image processing or programming experience.

Our vision sensors automatically determine all image and detection settings with their artificial intelligence specially designed for presence / difference checks.

Installation and operation are simple: the area to be inspected on the object is defined and at least one OK and one NG image is registered. No special prior knowledge or high time and effort is required for setup.

The all-in-one design includes the camera optics for image acquisition, the controller for evaluation and modular lighting for stable component inspection without interference from ambient light.

The extra-small sensor heads of the compact model as well as the all-in-one models support flexible working distances ranging from 50 to 2000 mm, enabling a wide range of applications.

For more difficult applications, cameras with higher resolution or freely configurable PC systems with more powerful software are of course also available.

Click on the banner for applications to AI-based systems!

AI-based systems

With BHV_Intelligent-Welding-Technology easy robot universal welding

Our outstanding BHV_I-Welding technology enables you to achieve the best welding applications in just a few minutes according to industry-compliant standards. We rely on the solid technology of the world market leaders KUKA, ABB and FANUC. In combination with KUKA.ArcTech and KUKA.ready2_pilot, this makes welding a "piece of cake".

Especially with the products of the KUKA.ArcTech family, the KUKA robot becomes a welding robot. Thanks to the practical option packages, you operate and program your welding application intuitively and with quality assurance. By mirroring the integrated EasyTeach status keys to the KUKA.ready2_pilot keys on the 6D mouse, welding technology commands can be programmed without taking your eyes off the weld seam.

The KUKA.ready2_pilot wireless control package enables hand-guiding of industrial robots in a particularly user-friendly way - simply, conveniently and quickly. As the first control package of its kind in the world, KUKA.ready2_pilot makes controlling robots child's play. The package is quickly mounted on the robot and is directly ready for use without any complex programming. Simply guiding the robot manually is enough to let it learn the desired sequences.

All parameters of the welding application are transferred to the robot via a BHV input mask specially developed by us, thus guaranteeing the highest standard in the shortest possible time, even with H-turners in the 7th / 8th / 9th axis.

Optionally, an automatic Tool Center Point tracking is available to reduce teach expenditures after revisions.

Welding means joining metal together inseparably. This is where our Cobot welding solutions come into play. They combine the advantages of automated and manual welding skills. From small, flexible manual workstations to large systems with meter-long linear axes and rotary/turning axes, our Cobot solutions can map everything you need in your production.

But the advanced BHV_I-Welding technology can do even more: the robot is equipped with high-precision 3D sensors, which can also be used to check for correct dimensional accuracy after the welding process. All-in-one... and much more!

Complex weld fixtures with additional technology functions - for us, this is both an obligation and a challenge. We will be happy to help you select the right products for your specific application and are available to answer any questions you may have.

BHV // Intelligent-Welding Technologie

Mit BHV_Intelligent-Welding-Technologie spielend leicht Roboter-Universalschweißen

New video about Cooling lines in e-mobility

BHV // Kühlleitungen in der E-Mobilität

BHV-Automation stellt die "Herstellung von Kühlleitungen in der E-Mobilität" genauer vor

New video about Injection molding machines automation

BHV // Spritzgussmaschinen Automation

Sehen Sie hier mehr zur Technologie "Spritzgussmaschinen Automation" der BHV-Automation

We are KUKA Robotics system partner!

KUKA Robotics system partner

In order to always offer the best solution for you as a customer, BHV-Automation GmbH works closely with KUKA AG.
BHV-Automation GmbH is a.o. particularly qualified for the product portfolio of KUKA AG.

Benefit from our expertise and standards with KUKA technologies. Your advantages of working with us:

  • Complete solutions in plant engineering a.o. with KUKA technologies
  • Partial services
    • Retrofit
    • Programming
    • Commissioning
    • Conversions/extensions
    • Training
    • Safe technology
    • Simulation under KUKA.SimPro
    • Direct access to KUKA.Expert
    • Service/Maintenance
    • Good robot purchasing conditions
    • Continuous vision, overview and qualification in the latest robotics technologies

New video about Special mechanical engineering solutions

BHV // Sondermaschinenbaulösungen

BHV-Automation präsentiert ausgewählte Technologien und Sonderlösungen im Maschinenbau

Video about Tipping equipment

BHV // Kippgeräte

Die Kippgeräte der BHV-Automation dienen als Ergänzung zum Bunkerband und sind eine hervorragende Stütze für die automatische Entleerung von Behälter und Gitterboxen

Video about Headlight image measurement

BHV // Scheinwerfer Lichtbildvermessung

BHV-Automation stellt die Scheinwerfer Lichtbildvermessung vor

Video about EOL station for ambient lighting

BHV // EOL-Station für Ambientelicht

BHV-Automation präsentiert ihre vollautomatische EOL-Station für Ambientelicht

Video about Gripper technology

BHV // Greifertechnik

BHV-Automation bietet Greifersysteme in individueller Baukastenweise

Video about AOI testing system (Pharma/Food)

BHV // AOI-Prüfanlage (Pharma/Food)

BHV-Automation präsentiert ihre effektivste AOI-Prüfanlage im Bereich Pharma und Food

DIN ISO 9001:2015

QM Certificate

On 18.05.2021 we were successfully recertified and were able to prove our excellent quality as in the audits of the previous years

Further innovative step in BHV-Automation through investment in 5-axis milling center with CadCam

We have expanded our CNC machining by a 5-axis milling center of the latest generation and our production area to another 500m².

State-of-the-art CadCam technologies are once again used here.

Our services in the field of machining:

  • CNC machining according to 3D design

  • Prototyping of your components, gladly with advice

  • Job order production / small series for partners and customers in special machine construction

This extension enables BHV-Automation to manufacture your components more efficiently and faster. Our change management can thus be implemented even more promptly and effectively.

Expansion of CNC machining - CMX 50UExpansion of CNC machining - CMX 800V
Expansion of CNC machining - CMX 50U
Expansion of CNC machining - CMX 800V

Extended production area for BHV-Automation


In the course of continuous growth, BHV-Automation will have more assembly and hall space available from 2021.

In total, BHV-Automation will expand its area to 1000m² for machining, component production and assembly of components and special machines.

New video about Universal welding machines

BHV // Universalschweißanlagen

Erfahren Sie mehr Wissenswertes zu den Universalschweißanlagen der BHV-Automation

New brochure for special machinery

New brochure

BHV automation presents:
The new brochure

"Innovative special mechanical engineering
solutions in the metal and plastics industry"

Our own special machine construction enables us to develop individually specified complete solutions. We map all trades individually / combined or completely. A high degree of standardization is the main focus here. We fully comply with customer standards or develop customized standards with "Solution provider functionality".

Our brochure gives you an impression of our technologies and own products.
Just click on the image to download!

Plant 2

Dieselstraße 9, Halle 10

BHV automation has capacity tripled

With their Plant 2 in Niedereimerfeld

(Dieselstraße 9, Halle 10)

BHV-Automation triples its production

For further information, please contact us.


Unsere Projekte im Sondermaschinenbau | Our projects in special machine construction

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