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Machine wiring

Cable, actuator, sensor and peripheral devices

We offer you professional wiring of your machinery and equipment and adhere to the machinery directive, to your requirements or to our own standards. Our automation engineers are distinguished by many years of experience in various industrial sectors and especially in special machine construction. They are familiar with most modern technology and “They touch a wiring just once”.

Bus topologies, network architectures, intelligent sensors, stand-alone power systems, safety technologies as well as the understanding of actuating elements and machinery are not foreign to us. High-quality and durable cable systems require much experience and accuracy. Our company knows exactly what is important and which aspects have to be considered.


Our services:

  • Consistent layinf of cable routes
  • Accurate and recognizable cable installation
  • Consistent marking of manufacturing equipments


        Actuator, sensor amd periphals

  • Measurement reports according to DIN
  • Measurement reports of network-architectures
  • Digital and analoge in-/output checkings
  • Pre-commissioning and adjustment of sensors, network addresses etc.


We have the suitable solution for you and offer you an excellent service. Contact us.