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Subjects IP

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BHV-Automation provides with its “Subjects IP” different changing courses for advanced users of industrial image processing. These trainings deal with particular topics and various focuses in detail to acquire specific knowledge. The aim is to have the ability to decide independently about special image processing solutions and to realize them.

Following “Subjects IP” existing currently:

  • “Subjects IP: IVISION – System of BHV-Automation“
  • “Subjects IP: 3D image processing“
  • “Subjects IP: vision hardware“
  • “Subjects IP: vision software“
  • “Subjects IP: ID readers“
  • “Subjects IP: 360° controller“

Target groups:

  • Project manager, who have specialized on particular areas of IP
  • Process developer, who want to study particular topics in IP

Prior knowledge:

Contents of the course “Experts IP“