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Innovative high-quality packaging lines

Packaging Automation
Packaging Automation
Packaging Automation

Palletizing, depalletizing to blisters or cardboard boxes, sorted or non-sorted.

These are tasks we are experts in!

We use the most modern technologies:
Servoportalhandling for the dynamic positioning of blisters and boxes. Robotics and image processing technology for the filling and de-filling of the carriers.

Packaging facility: Safety-relevant parts in the automotive industry:

  • 14 different types

  • Entrance and exit buffer

  • State-of-the-art security technology

  • Servo portalhandling

  • Image processing system to detect the position within the blisters

  • Transfer of the position data to the robot

  • Fully automated gripper

  • Different packaging formats

Packaging Automation
Packaging Automation