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VisionPro - Vision software

Vision software overview

Vision softwareProven in more than 700.000 installations worldwide, Cognex vision software is the industry benchmark for vision performance.

The power and versatility of Cognex software solutions extend to all industries for all applications:

  • part location and identification

  • robot guidance

  • inspection and gauging and dimensional measurement

From flexible, easy-to-use interfaces over complete solutions for most different applications to advanced programming enviroment - Cognex vision software is one of the most technologically advanced production lines on the market.

VisionPro tool library - The benchmark for vision performance in the industry

VisionPro tool libraryVisionPro® and Cognex Vision Library (CVL®) Power Tools are intelligent enough to ignore non-critical changes in appearance and to concentrate on the critical features

important for the acceptance of products.

Power Tools require no complexly preprocessing of the image for the final solution. The results are the faster application development for the image processing engineer and reduced life cycle costs for the company.

VisionPro software’s capabilities set it apart:

  • Drag-and-drop linking between tools enables quick communication of values, results, and images

  • Intelligent software fixtures position tools dynamically, simplifying tool setup

  • Reusable tool groups and user-definable tools shorten development time

  • Designed to harness maximum power provided by modern multicore machines

  • Supports typical Microsoft ® operating systems including Windows® 7 in 32 and 64 bit

  • Geometric Pattern Matching and Inspection

PatMax®The patented PatMax®-algoritm is is the industry’s gold standard for part and feature location, providing accuracy and repeatability under the most challenging conditions.

Companion tools like PatInspect® and PatFlex® expand PatMax and mostly cover the sectors Pattern Matching and Inspection.

Identification and Verification

Identification and VerificationIDMax® reads even the most degraded data matrix codes, delivering consistent high read rates needed for part traceability.

OCVMax™ ensures high-speed character reading and verification, even when the print is extremely distorted, using both image-based and printer font-based training.

Color tools

Color toolsLocate, sort, extract match, identify, and monitor color images

Color Segmentation · Color Match · Composite Color Match · SearchMax™ ·
Color Extractor

Measurement Tools

Measurement ToolsFind, measure, and analyze geometric aspects of images

Find lines and circles · Blob Analysis · Fixation · Calibration · Caliper · Geometry Finder

Vision Tools

Vision ToolsOptimizing and processing images before inspection of object. Calibration tools for area and line scan cameras correct with extreme precision lens and camera distortion, like rotations and imbalances.

Sobel Edge Detection · Image Add / Substract · Gaussian Filter · Pixel Mapping · Polar Unwrap · Checker Board Calibration · Copy Region · Grayscale Morpholgy

Extended OCR/OCV Tools

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an essential part for numerous applications in Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharma, Electronics and postal industry to assure traceability and quality of products.

Extended OCR/OCV ToolsAdvanced OCRMax™ Tools in VisionPro and CVL simplify the training with installed font types and provide with the new Accuracy Mode the highest level of confidence in reading and proving of characters.

Thanks to improved algorithms even extremely distorted or bad printed characters with background noise are readable.

3D Tools

3D uses different 2D tool sets from the advanced tool library of, like PatMax™, PatFlex™ and others for geometric pattern matching.

These tools manage uneven illumination and even stay reliable if patterns are partially covered, so a precise parted localisation with challenging conditions and settings is guaranteed.

Accurate, real-time, three-dimensional position information is used to automate challenging assembly verification, logistics, and robot applications in automotive and precision manufacturing industries like:

  • Store/Retrieve

  • Depalletising

  • Packaging and placement inspection

Store/RetrieveDepalletisingPackaging and placement inspection