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OmniView Cylindrical Inspection Technology

How does it work?

Acquire images

1. Acquire images

The OmniView® cylindrical inspection system uses four cameras mounted around the conveyor to take images of each product as it moves down the line, at up to 1200 parts per minute. An optional fifth camera can be used for lid inspection or cap and seal verification, etc.

Create a 3D model

2. Create a 3D model

The OmniView software uses images from the four cameras to create a 3D model of the product. This unique 3D model is critical for a successful inspection. Simpler image stitching approaches cause shadows and blurring that make it hard to read barcodes and Data Matrix symbols that fall on the “seams” between images.

Unwrap and inspect

3. Unwrap and inspect

The OmniView system then “unwraps” the 3D model and passes the resulting image to the extensive VisionPro® tool library for inspection. From reading ID codes, to matching patterns of a label, OmniView has the capability to check virtually every aspect of a product, including color.