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BHV Innovative special
mechanical engineering solutions

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Solutions for the metal and plastic industries | Projects and products

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BHV Complete overview services

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Company profile | Overview
technologies | The Offer | Services

BHV IVision.

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Characteristics | Inspection | Control
Measuring | Identification | Performing

BHV Engineering control systems

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Electrical planning | Control
systems | Machine wiring

BHV I-P_IVision.

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Print pattern control of pictograms

BHV Infotainment test systems

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Touch check haptics |
Technical light test of displays


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Headlight testing and adjustment

BHV IOPC Line host (DE)

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Leitrechner / Line Host |
IOPC - Intelligent Trace and Map

BHV CAD construction

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Engineering 3D CAD construction

BHV SurfaceFX

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Visual surface inspection

BHV Robotics solutions

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Consulting | Engineering
Programming | Optimization